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DUO SILGON – „Resignations with Relations (PG Records 2010)

Eva Silberbauer: Voice, Overtone
Christian Gonsior: bassclarinet, baritone-saxophone


kLANGkOMBINATkALKSBURG „schee is wos aundas. Vol.1 & 2“

Heinz Ditsch: accordion, singin saw, vocals
Paul Skrepek: drums, guitar, vocals
W.V.Wizlsperger: vocals, tuba, comb
Oskar Aichinger: piano, vocals
Thomas Berghammer: trumpet
Hannes Enzlberger: bass
Christian Gonsior: tenor saxophone, flute
Clemens Hofer: trombone
Martin Zrost: reeds, vocals


Marco Tocilj — „Sounds like… Tocilj“

tociilij sounds like - cd cover

Marco Tocilj: soprano-& tenor saxophone, flute, vocals, conductor, composer, arrangerMauro Massei: baritone saxophonePaul Skrepek: drums, perc
W.V.Wizlsperger: bass
Oskar Aichinger: piano
Thomas Berghammer: trumpet, flugelhorn
Christian Gonsior: baritone saxophone, bass clarinet
Clemens Hofer: trombone
Martin Zrost: alto saxophone, clarinet


ONKEL – „Meet the ONKEL (PG Records 2007)

Chris Gonsior: tenor-, soprano-, baritonesaxophones, comp
Martin Ptak: trombone, keyboards, comp
Max Mayerhofer: e-guitar, electronics, comp
Stefan Fallmann: e-bass
Mathias Koch: drums

Duo Ptak/Gonsior – „Carlotta’s Portrait (Turkish Bath Records 2005)

Martin Ptak: trombone, piano, keyboards
Christian Gonsior: tenor- & sopranosax, piano
special guest: Max Mayerhofer: electronics & guitar


Car Radio Band — „Deluxe“ 


Max Mayerhofer: e-guitar
Martin Ptak: trombone, keyboards
Chris Gonsior: tenor- & baritone saxophones
Oliver Steger: bass
Bernhard Breuer: drums


Takon Orchester – „Takon Orchester“ (Turkish Bath Records 2000)

niko afentulidis (ts, ss, fl) – ray aichinger (ts, ss, fl) – christian gonsior (ts, fl) – ludwig bekic (bs, conductor) – uli drechsler (bcl) – cornelia pesendorfer (oboe) – peter huber (tp) – thomas berghammer (tp) – martin ohrwalder (tp) – andreas pranzl (tp) – franz guetzer (tb) – bertl muetter (tb) – franz pollak (btb) – martin ptak (samples, conductor) – heinz ditsch (acc, voc, fag) – viktor fuehrer (begleitautomatik, keys) – andreas kuttenberger (p, synth, voc) – ellen muhr (voc) – max mayerhofer (e-guit, conductor) – heinz fallmann (e-guit, conductor) – arnold haberl (violoncello) – oliver steger (e-bass) – stefan fallmann (bass, e-bass) – bernhard osanna (bass, e-bass) – manfred riedlsperger (perc) – herbert reisinger (dr) – uli soyka (dr, perc, conductor)

„Bloom’s Days“ (WuK-Musik 1995)

Gerald Raunig: vocals, all compositions and lyrics based on the book „Ulysses“ by James Joyce
Ludwig Bekic: baritonesax
David Mayrl: altsax
Chris Gonsior: tenorsax
Jonny Leonhartsberger: sopransax

Fruitcollection/Melongroove (sunshine records 1995)

In the horn section with:
Celia Mara
5HAUS Posse
DJ Food (div. Grooves)

Moses „dance human“ (moo-0001)

All music by nigerian percussionist Moses Afanyi
Courtney Jones (steelpan)
Rick Toldon (vocals, percussion)
Gustavo Magnani (guitar)
Peter Huber (trumpet)
Christian Gonsior (tenorsax)
Sam Brisbe (vocals)
Joao de Bruco (percussion)
Vlado dZihan: drum programming, synth
Davis O. Nejo (talking drums, vocals)

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